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Eureka! - I've seen the light...

This week I experienced a pivotal moment. The final realisation that none of the leading political parties fit the bill - including my hitherto preferred option, the Labour Party.
I faced a decision - do I withdraw my vote or find an alternative party to back? Certainly, withdrawal of my vote is anathema to me. People fought long and hard for the right to vote and in my book we are doing wrong if we don't exercise that right.
UKIP has always been a no-no for me, and the realisation that the majority of UKIP supporters favour very explicitly socialist ideas (in a major survey, 78% of UKIP supporters responded that they supported outright renationalisation of the UK energy market, and 73% of them supported renationalisation of the rail network) only underlines the futility of following that line! UKIP is essentially a right-wing Tory group - would they implement Socialist ideas? I think not.
So, what was the solution to my dilemma?
As a 70-year-old pensioner who looked very closely at t…