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We're all in it together? (Part 2)

It's been some months since I've felt the energy to write another article. I also thought that perhaps it would be worthwhile seeing just how our ConDem coalition government is working ... just how it is fairing as it hits its mid-way point in their government term. And I say that remembering that they were very clever in getting the government term fixed at 5 years; I doubt whether the coalition would otherwise have survived quite so long as it has.

The confident "We're all in it together" speeches from the government when they arrived in power were supposed to pep us all up ... make us believe that such a thing could possible be true. I would suggest that nothing could be further from the truth, and, what is worse, the situation is getting worse ... for the needy, the bottom 10% of society in income and opportunity terms.

This very week I read a startling account of how a teenage underclass is rapidly developing in London. While the Shard rises high and other …