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Just a "Bunch of Migrants"?

Dear Reader,

Last week, a British visitor to the Sangatte refugee camp at Calais was witness to the death of a 4-year-old little girl. "Her heart just seemed to give up", said the visitor.

That such a young person - nay, a child - should die amidst all the squallor of that much-maligned establishment is almost heart-breaking to any ordinary person who is motivated by compassion. Yet the UK's Prime minister (David Cameron) - possibly on the very same day as the little girl died - last week referred to the camp occupants as simply a "bunch of migrants". A few months ago, he referred to them as "a swarm of migrants". Obviously he must be thinking that so many have died since that to describe them as a "bunch" is now more appropriate. What leadership from a British prime minister.

The world is going bonkers: there's no need for me to describe all of what's happening - the quality press and al-Jazeera are quite good in portraying the realiti…