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How many, how much, can we squeeze in?

They say you can't get a quart into a pint pot. Sorry - I must go metric: you can't squeeze a litre into a 50ml bottle.

The UK, we are told today, is now close to 65 million inhabitants. That compares to around 50 million when I was 7 years old after the 1951 census. And for some 30 or 40 years after that there wasn't  a big change: the population change has really escalated since the 1990s and particularly since 2004 when the European Zone was greatly expanded and a great number of people came to work here from the eastern bloc. Promises of reducing the flow have been made, particularly by the Tories, but there is no sign that the flow is abating.

Meanwhile there are people who (rightly I believe) feel that we should take in more people from the flood of refugees crossing the Med.

However ... and it's a practical issue: how can so many people come into a country that already has escalating problems in:

severe home shortages (and threats of rapidly increasing homelessn…

The Government Claims It Was Voted In To Do This ... And More!

A government elected by  just 24% of the electorate continues to create diabolical conditions for those seriously in need, despite the protestations of Calamity Cameron.
In this case it relates to the number of deaths that have arisen directly as a result of the imposition of draconian measures against the disabled.
The Daily Mirror has stated: The last figures were released by the DWP in 2012 after a Freedom of Information campaign by the Mirror's investigative team.  They showed 1,300 ESA claimants died within six weeks of being placed in a 'work-related activity' group between January and November 2011.  The figures prompted outrage and since then the DWP has released no more, insisted it's 'irresponsible' to suggest stopping benefits can kill someone.  The DWP appeal letter claims the data released in 2012 'concerned somewhat different information and was produced in different circumstances'.  A string of families have come forward to say their rel…