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Encore la EU! Oui pour la continuee de uni! It's obvious - init?

Dear Reader,

Way back in the 1960s, I used to do a lot of hiking - hitch-hiking mostly - on the continent of Europe, mainly in France and Italy. There are many tales I could tell from those days concerning my great experiences, but the one that is relevant to this article - and which sticks out as much as the others in my memory - is the impact of returning home to Blighty (the UK) after one of those trips abroad.

When getting back to Dover the first thing I would do is get a train heading to London, but I immediately felt the impact of the sheer ordinariness of Britain's transport infrastructure compared to that on 'the continent'. Over there, trains were not always smart but they were interesting; over here they were very staid - designed by engineers (and accountants too, probably). But the main variance was that the continental trains ran well, and on time. 

The people, too, were more colourful, and expressed warmth and generosity that - to be honest - I'd never exper…


Dear Reader,

My apologies ... an emergency or two has occurred this week-end, so no post until May 28th, I'm afraid!