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Ancient Truths? - Part 1 : The Opener

Dear Reader,
PreliminaryThere are so many ancient mysteries, are there not? However, it is not too many people that decide to spend time exploring those mysteries - especially when it comes to doing original research - and I have to admit that I, also, have done nothing by way of fieldwork except by way of exploring and interacting with others and reading on the topic. But what has driven me to find out more on this topic resulted from questions that started to come into my head when I was as young as 10 or 11 years of age, about who we are, and why we are here. Not having obtained satisfactory answers on this matter from my parents, I had nagging questions in my head for a long time. 

As a consequence of my inner promptings and developing experience as I grew up, I became convinced that spiritual forces of some kind exist - that our lives were not (as we were thenotherwise urged to believe by the mainstream - and at a time when the church was effectively under attack) just meant to mer…

On Stone Circles and Other Mysterious Things

Dear Reader,

I took to reading at a very early age, but after graduating from storybook-style 'comics' and 'annuals', and as our home possessed only two books that were accessible to me (the Bible and an encyclopedic dictionary), I was limited as to my reading apart from books borrowed from the local library a mile away. But I managed to maintain an interest in mysterious things, fostered by the very occasional trip into the country undertaken by my family to visit places such as the Rolright Stones - a mysterious stone circle on the Oxfordshire/Warwickshire border.

So when (as a 10-year-old) I saw a copy of the book 'The Kon Tiki Expedition' (by the Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl) lying on the table at an aunt's house, I immediately asked if I could borrow it, and subsequently devoured it in double-quick time. That was the first time I had come across Easter Island, but I didn't know then that my attention would be returned to that vicinity. Over the …