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The Outcome Of Thinking

Dear Reader,

Having recently endured a further learning experience - in this case an encounter with a near life-exit on the operating table while conscious - I have now got back to focus on what matters, being made (I hope!) yet a little more wise by the experience.

This very recent reflection brought me to think again (in my 76th year) about the state of thinking - particularly in the Western World - and after listening to talks by Martin Sandbrook at the Schumacher Institute on the topic of Systems Thinking, I have produced a map of the general evolution of Western thought. I have projected it a little into the future:

The first area I wish to touch on is the kind of thinking that we still seem to be transfixed by - the Mechanistic approach to things, a paradigm that is on the way out but has become so embedded in our consciousness that for most of us aged over 50 it is probably very difficult to escape it completely. Indeed there are aspects of this kind of thinking that are still rel…