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The Big Society

David Cameron is right! The idea of the Big Society is a brilliant one. But it's already being going on for quite a few years since before he was born!!

My Uncle Percy (an ordinary working man) was one of those who not only worked a 50-hour week as standard but also put in so many hours every week in giving free help to administer charity work for those who were without shelter or in other kinds of desperate need. This was before the War and just after, before the Welfare State came into being.

That was the time of the real Big Society. But there are many, many other examples from before Uncle Percy's time and since, including a certain George Perkins of Birmingham who I came across more than 35 years ago, trying to stimulate interest in youngsters in deprived areas to help the community.

Cameron talks blithely on TV about how his middle-class, moneyed constituency are setting a good example for the Big Society. Problem is, he nor the people he's talking of have hardly ev…