Sunday, 11 January 2015

Je Suis ... not a Charlie.

Yes, the fiendish killing of mere cartoonists and journalists is to be (to put it mildly) deplored.

In a part of the world where free speech is lauded as a totem of our achievement as a civilisation, there is justifiable horror at the gunmen's action.

But ... and there is a but ... all it does to me is to suggest that there are aspects of our way of life that have failed to accommodate these extremists. What, we might ask, made them into such extremists?

Information has filtered through that their childhood was not good; they lacked (it might appear) the comfort of a loving home. I assume that later, the rise of the Islamist faction gave them something to hold onto as a meaningful activity for their lives - almost to justify their existence.

Now none of that justifies the killing spree they went on. Of course not. But it does yet again reveal that things go on in our society that are far from perfect to create this type of mentality. The example of abused children in care homes is sufficient evidence of that. So too the extremist killings under another name that have occurred in otherwise peaceful places such as Norway.

Whatever act of devilry those two brothers carried out, they clearly did so because they felt there was nothing in their society that was meaningful enough to join. And apparently by being Muslims, they chose to be offended - on behalf of their prophet - that an attempt was made to caricature the founder of Islam. And they believed extremist camps that say that such matters need to be crushed by killing.

For my part, I wait for that glorious day when mankind (not just so-called offenders against society) will recognise that we are all the same within. We all cry, we all feel ... we all love: when we are not hating. It is the hate element and the idea that we need to eradicate those that hurt us that needs to be removed from our midst. It is what Jesus taught, and what all the great spiritual teachers have taught.

We all need to drop ego and stop pretending that the fought-for rights of our society are the primary things we have to uphold. They are not. By living in Love we would have no need to defend anything.

Love is life. I don't believe I am a Charlie for believing that.