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Who Remembers Quiet Sundays?

Dear Reader,

In these lockdown times, and despite the harrowing numbers of deaths caused by this virus, much else appears to be happening of the positive variety. In the way the world was developing - and particularly in respect to climate issues - it seemed we needed to literally halt and take in the reality of the world's plight. It would hardly have been possible to engineer that "halt", but circumstances have made it possible, now, to take stock and reconsider our future options.

Surely we should regard this as an unprecedented opportunity to rethink how our beliefs, values, and institutions shape our relationships?

In fact, this time of lockdown has brought about a situation of quietude for many. Not only have most of us more time to reflect on what's what but Mother Nature has also done the same. Our country - the UK - no longer (literally) vibrates as it did three months ago, the waterways have become more purified and even the Sun's solar flares have appare…