Sunday, 15 January 2017

A Memo To Donald Trump

Dear Reader,

As we move towards the 70th anniversary of Mahatma Ghandi's assassination, let's think a little of the issues he wanted to address, which were not (in their nature) specific to India.

Mahatma Gandhi fought a long - but peaceful - 'war' against injustices that he himself experienced. It was Gandhiji who observed there are seven social sins that create blockages to establishing real justice:

  • Politics without principle
  • Wealth without work
  • Commerce without morality
  • Pleasure without conscience
  • Education without character
  • Science without humanity
  • Worship without sacrifice

Surely Ghandiji struck recognisable chords? In the UK, what was the fight of the 19th c. fledgling Labour Party and radical Liberals (and the Fabian Society) but to remove gross injustices in this country? As our lives have become easier have we forgotten all that? Does Donald Trump think these are relevant issues?!
We should - if we are to call ourselves a civilization - also carry the fight to all those in need of support and succour, wherever they may be....until we realise that a decent world can't be built on a hierarchy of neo-liberal exploitation, and that we can't have everything unless someone else has nothing... Deborah Orr - lead article in The Independent, 16 Aug, 2005
Yes, we may help a little in trying to transform our political system and by cutting 'Third World' debt. Every little helps. But to 'see the light' and cause major transformation does require individual effort, perhaps aided by some personal experience (such as loss of a loved one). In a world where time is rapidly running out, the hungry, the dying, the oppressed - they are all crying out for love and understanding. Do we really hear? Do we modify our own way of living in sympathy and empathy with the donwtrodden? All peoples are our brothers and sisters, let's not forget.

Thank you for reading this.