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A Memo To Donald Trump

Dear Reader,

As we move towards the 70th anniversary of Mahatma Ghandi's assassination, let's think a little of the issues he wanted to address, which were not (in their nature) specific to India.

Mahatma Gandhi fought a long - but peaceful - 'war' against injustices that he himself experienced. It was Gandhiji who observed there are seven social sins that create blockages to establishing real justice:

Politics without principleWealth without workCommerce without moralityPleasure without conscienceEducation without characterScience without humanityWorship without sacrifice
Surely Ghandiji struck recognisable chords? In the UK, what was the fight of the 19th c. fledgling Labour Party and radical Liberals (and the Fabian Society) but to remove gross injustices in this country? As our lives have become easier have we forgotten all that? Does Donald Trump think these are relevant issues?!
We should - if we are to call ourselves a civilization - also carry the fight to all t…