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We are sleep-walking towards... ?

The results are in and we can see that Nigel Farage has the spotlight on him as the party spoiler. UKIP has shown itself as a danger to the main two parties and to the Liberal-Democrats. If the next general election (in 2015) produces the same kind of share of votes, then it could result in a national government as no two parties would be able to sustain a 2-way coalition.

It would be nice to say that UKIP would be a refreshing change to the three parties that have controlled this country's affairs for several generations. Unfortunately, however, no matter how eloquently Farage speaks, the crux of their policies is about destruction rather than the construction of a sustainable alternative. Their policies speak about what they consider is wrong (and which is easy to get support for) rather than the more difficult task of setting out a stall with constructive plans. And they have no experience of government.

The best thing you can say is that their success in these local elections…