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Ancient Truths? - Part 3 : From 10,000BC to 3,000BC

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Dear Reader,
Sequel to Part 2In Part 2, I summarised pre-10,000BC history as much as possible, but I have left out some quite extraordinary mysteries, amongst which the story of findings in the Rumanian Bucegi mountains (link here and then click on the 'Secret of Secrets' tab at the top of the page) is perhaps the most remarkable. 

A dissimilar find, but still one that puzzles as it stands out in its uniqueness, is the Dolni Vestonice archaeological site in the modern Czech Republic which is said to be the oldest permanent human settlement found so far, spanning roughly 27,000 to 20,000 BC. It is reported that even a factory existed there as far back as that age, producing cordage, cordage byproducts, and textiles/basketry. Also, the early origin of ceramic technology at this site suggests that the local population were familiar with their surroundings and demonstrated an ability to manipulate and control their environment. This archaeological site was found …