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To See Jesus Properly, Blink And Look Again.

Dear Reader,

Some 44 years ago, something got me off my backside to seek what Life is really about. I do not mean so much by the usual meaning of the phrase but rather what Life itself is for, and what was my own true role in all that, minuscule being though I felt myself to be.

I am not going to go into detail here of the background of that situation, but a strange event occurred that triggered a period of profound inner experience that caused me to switch my attitude. It was a kind of being 'born again' experience, though the kind of questions raised then, at age 30, were a continuum of the kind of spiritual feeling and philosophical questions I was asking between the ages of 12 and 17.

So, over the last 44 yearsI came to study, through substantial reading, discussion and experience, all of the major religions. In terms of what effect that time and experience has had on my own life, then I profess myself to be a follower of no specific religion other than a Perennial Philosophy…