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Ancient Truths? - Part 5 : From 100 AD to 1200 AD

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Reflections On Part 4, and then...The history of the world is usually framed around events and individuals, but this outline history is foremostly concerned with eschatological causation. In other words, I see history having originally been stimulated by spiritual objectives - a creationist perspective that has seen an evolution of life and civilisations even up to 10,000BC and carried on in a different milieu according to changed circumstances - physical and spiritual - on Earth. 

My view - as referred to in earlier chapters (parts) of this story - is that history then passed through 10,000 years consisting of the re-development of mankind and saw the coming of great influences by beings that became known as 'gods', and also stimulated by great spiritual incarnations such as Zarathustra, Krishna, Lao Tzu and the Buddha (and others), culminating in Jesus as the spirit of the age at the start of the so-called Christian era.

Up to 100AD (and afterwa…

Ancient Truths? - Part 4 : From 3,000 BC to 100 AD

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Reflections On Parts 2 and 3Thomas O. Mills is a deep researcher and writer who has provided important perspectives on the history of the Earth, particularly through the teachings of the Hopi people of America. He has a deep respect for the Hopi people and believes their Creation Story can be proven. He also unveils intriguing data on pole shifts.

In his first book, 'The Book of Truth, A New Perspective On The Hopi Creation Story', he even traces the Hopi story back to Egypt and puts a new light on the murals, temples, and pyramids from that point of view, a view that rings true today.

In his second book, 'Stonehenge, If This Was East', Mills uses his knowledge of the Hopi Ceremonial Cycles to find ancient east at a number of unexplained ancient sites around the world. He then uses this knowledge to find true north and compares north to [writer] Charles Hapgood’s four North Pole locations in the past 100,000 years with amazing results—…