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An Example for The World's Leaders

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India, a nuclear power, is the world's largest and democracy and developing at an extraordinary rate. Yet the country's Prime Minister since 2014, Narendra Modi, works 18 hours per day and lives as simply as his station will allow. His family, meanwhile, are even greater examples of simple living.

In a country where politicians and senior bureaucrats are reputed to pass large benefits to their family members in terms of jobs, contracts and wealth, here is the Prime Minister whose brothers and cousins live a life of struggle, barely making ends meet. Here's what the brothers and cousins of Narendra Modi do for a living:

Please note: Less than 100 rupees make one British pound.

1. Amrutbhai Modi : Elder brother of Narendra Modi, he worked as a fitter in a private company. After retirement, he draws a pension of Rs 10,000 per month. Though his family has a small car, he still travels on a scooter. No one from his family, including his sons, have ever personally seen …