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What Is Education For?

Dear Reader,

My previous post - suggesting the need to change our way of thinking - is entirely relevant to today's post. For the call is - and has been for a very long time - to be more imaginative in how we deal with all kinds of matters, especially in considering the impact that our ideas and actions have on the planet and the environment.

But it does seem to me that imagination has been increasingly stifled in the past 20 or so years in the era of globalisation that emerged with the new millennium, and the corresponding attempt at standardising educational systems, particularly in the West and countries strongly influenced by Western thinking. In particular, the clamour and the focus seems to be definitely fixed on AI as the means to a better economic future.

No matter how adaptable and useful AI may become, however, it cannot replace the human ability to check in on feelings and intuitive stimuli. Simply speaking, human connectivity is surely worth a great deal more than automat…