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What Should Determine A Proper Civilisation?

Dear Reader,

There is definitely a significant call for a change in the way we do things. Even TIME magazine says so in their recent article. But is all this just talk - where is the serious thinking about what kind of life - what kind of civilisation - do we want, or what do we consider we should evolve towards? Do we have a concrete - real - idea of what the word 'civilisation' should mean? Can peace be achieved?

As far back as Plato and from Thomas More and Francis Bacon to H.G. Wells, there have been many who have put forward their ideas of what an ideal world would mean. Karl Marx constructed an 'ism', and we have suffered many other forms of 'ism's since, most notably the relatively recent 'Thatcherism'. Revolutions, as exemplified in France and Russia, did not produce satisfactory results.

None of these ideas and events seems to have properly considered the underlying issue at hand - that people are not robots to be moved around as on a chessboard, …