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The Scientific World - Understanding Its History, And Where It Is Going

Dear Reader,

I have not posted in a while, but even so, I am now posting something that is not in my words, but by a significant American physicist by the name of Alvin Drucker, in 1986. Even though he was an astute scientist (he died in his 90s in very recent years), Drucker became a spiritual man (not religious) at a mid-point in his life. In a very frightening near-death experience when piloting his own small plane, he was miraculously guided home away from near-disaster.

Drucker firstly talks here about some of the eminent scientists of the West, who by their dedication and genius had significantly affected the course of human progress. Prominent among these were, he said, Copernicus, Newton, Darwin, and Einstein, who he feels represented the central thrust of Western Science over the past four centuries. 

This is a brilliant article in my view as it summarises the inner development of man since the Middle Ages very succinctly. However - and I feel loathe in some ways to state this a…