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Blare, Blare, Blare ...

The good thing about Tony Blair's autobiography is that it's proceeds will go to the British Legion. But, having see him being interviewed on the BBC, I have no desire to read it. The nature of the book (as TB himself revealed) should - I suggest - turn away reasonable people from its pages.

Anyone who calls himself a friend should not be describing his friend as having "zero emotional intelligence", and even more so when Gordon Brown's life reveals anything but that.

So what is TB trying to do? I see him living a life with blinkers on and in the process creating smoke screens for his followers to negotiate. Few of his words seem to resonate with truth, as Chistopher Meyer has observed.

What sort of politician is TB? One, clearly that believes in his own path to solve the world's problems. That his actions have helped to kill over 100,000 Iraqis (oh, Mr. Blair, that Sadam killed a huge number is not the point to justify this) in the ploy of regime change. But…