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Can we love our neighbour?

Yes, they are saying that a week is a long time in politics, and applying this thought to Jeremy Corbyn's week.

Already we hear that he's backing down on his attitude towards the UN and, now, the Trident programme. But at least he has not capitulated on the nucelar warfare issue, and is seeking other ways to re-generate interest in the anti-nuclear campaign. And he must be right too - how absurd it is to spend all this dough (that we haven't got) on equipment which - if used (and a big 'if') - would most likely create a sterile world and therefore (if people remained) one that would then want to forget about nuclear investments. 

Nuclear warfare planning is an insane policy. As is any policy that pretends that the national economy can perpetually grow as a way of bringing everyone out of poverty. It's insane because there's a small group that always seem to want more than everyone else (they've earned it, they mysteriously say) and will also do their utmo…