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Dear Reader,

I feel conscious that a change of some great significance will soon be on us (i.e. Planet Earth).

What form it will be I cannot say: it may involve many things.

To that end, I felt moved to create an additional blog, which I am calling 'Perspectives'.

Whilst I shall still write on this blog about specific issues, 'Perspectives' will be an ordered series of papers (starting at the beginning) about a philosophy that I believe we will all need to reflect on, to help tackle forthcoming changes.

There is no compulsion on anyone's part to read them, of course. But they will be there, added to every week or two, for your interest and maybe even your comment. In fact, I hope you will make some comment, for the benefit of all readers. Unless the comment is rude I shall not intervene.

So, please click here to read the first 'paper' in this new blog called 'Perspectives'.

See you there, perhaps!