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A Very Serious Chink in the UK's Foreign Policy...

Today's i (a derivative of The Independent - tells us how Cameron has ConDem'd us to a deep trading involvement with China. "Good", we say, "that must be good for business!"

But a Chinese company has already bought up the black cab manufacturing company (a British icon, I thought - how come there was no European buyer at least?), announcements had already been made about China's part in the development of nuclear power in the UK, and now they want to participate in HS2 (the biggest red herring that ever existed. No pun intended!).

Now apart from the downside of the general lack of wisdom of selling off so much interest to China (whose values are in a smog), we are dealing with a country that is involved in:

the slaughter of tigers and elephantsthe domination of Tibet
I say that by developing our ties with China we are also demeaning ourselves by so-closely aligning with a power that is thus involved in questionable activ…