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Inequality? Here is the truth...

When a corporation wants to expand, it routinely commits previously accumulated money or borrows new money to pursue growth, take advantage of opportunities, and become more profitable.  That’s just the way it’s done. Business leaders are applauded for their vision and innovation. Corporate investment we are told stimulates job creation and ‘everyone’ benefits. Greed is good. Many assume that this surrounding way of life is natural, correct, and good.
However, when a government wants to expand services to invest in life-affirming programmes, these same business leaders put ‘spendthrift governments’ in the crosshairs, demand lower taxes, and invoke ‘balanced budgets’. In a neoliberal economy, governments are admonished to get out of the way and, “let the market rule.” We are told businesses ‘invest’; governments ‘tax’.
Does it have to be this way? Should it be this way?
Let's take Sweden as an example. Link to this for details on the quality of life in Sweden. Sweden invests 28.1% of i…