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What Can We Do Today For The Sake Of Tomorrow?

Dear Reader,

The need for commonsense leadership has been apparent for some time. How long has it taken for world leaders to agree that climate change is a reality and something to be taken very seriously indeed. There have also been ecological warnings raised by 'think tanks' since the 1970s - apart from more isolated warnings before that - and yet the world's economy goes on thinking that 'more is best'.

The main problem - I suggest - is that our educational system is geared towards the 'more' syndrome, and also to the use of the brain as our sole source of direction. Our education is greatly in need of being re-framed to attune more to commonsense teaching. Even wisdom teaching.

How refreshing it is, therefore, to find that some quite significant western institutions have called 'time' to examine how they should better go about things. It's taken time, but at last there's now some effort towards thinking differently.

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