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We're All In It Together ...

The heading of this article states the obvious ... we are tied together in this irrevocable existence by just being here. It does not matter whether we live here or in Timbuktu, we are linked together; we are one.

So when the country's CONDEM leadership tell us that "we're all in it together", they seem to be telling us something we don't know. Is this they just talking down to us, or are they actually committing a Freudian slip ... that they're actually trying to cover up something?

Yes, they're covering up. They tell us with one hand that they're going to go for the offshore investors who escape paying taxes, yet they have members of their own cabinet that use those facilities. They tell us that we're in it together, but the cabinet contains around 20 millionaires who will hardly note any jolt as this economic 'knife' cuts at the jugular for those who are not able to bear the burden that cuts will bring.

They also tell us that all this i…