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2020 Vision

Dear Reader,

Firstly, my warmest best wishes to you and my sincere hope that yours will be a Happy Year!

My apologies, however, for this delayed wish as the first week of the month has been filled with all kinds of tasks and appointments that have fully occupied me.

But I have also made some time to reflect more on what it is that I want to concentrate on this year and what is, furthermore, a new decade.  That reflection has caused me to see that this is very much the beginning of a new period and that anything prior to this year was 'the old time'. I feel sure that we now face a time of utter change - and a chance for something great to start to manifest itself despite all the apparent negativity that we see around us and in various parts of the world.

The situation now is in such stark contrast to the state of things as my life as a teenager was coming to an end in the early 1960s, having until then lived a quiet yet contented life, without any wealth except the plentiful flora …