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The UK Election

The election ... I hope it should tell us something, and more than one 'thing' in fact. Firstly, what is patently clear is that the Tories who (through Mrs Thatcher) declared society does not exist, have tried to claw back a vote based on deception. I will not disagree with some of Mr. Cameron's aspirations, but to me they are a disengenuous party, always pandering to where they think they can find votes. Secondly, that mainly due to the nature of the Tory Party's history, the public do not have sufficient confidence in them. Thirdly, that there are 15 million Labour & Liberal voters who distrust the Tories association with business and voted against the 10m Tory voters for a different kind of approach.

The Labour Party, of course, has not been 'squeeky clean', but I will be thoroughly disappointed - nay, disgusted - if the Liberals do end up by working with the Tories.

However, whatever happens in this political round, politics and life as we have known it…