Sunday, 29 January 2017

There's Only One True Way...

Dear Reader,

Yes, you can begin to feel the rumbles of discontent now that Trump endeavours to bring his policies to reality. And the sheer inconsistency and lack of integrity when our Prime Minister - knowing that her counterpart's views are favourable towards Britain - tells Trump that torture is not advisable, yet then meets Mr. Erdogan and says little about the same matter so that trade deals can be sown.

So are the seeds of world corruption allowed to germinate and flower. No-one seems any longer to have the heart to put in place a world structure to free people from tyranny as the ballot box is always at the back of the minds of political leaders.

But rather than look to others to do the job for us, let's look within our own selves to make the change. I speak of idealism once again, but what is the realistic alternative?

Paul Brunton, in A Search in Secret India (1934), wrote:
He who has once seen his real Self will never again hate
another. There is no sin greater than hatred, no sorrow worse
than the legacy of lands splashed with blood which it inevitably
bestows, no result more certain than that it will recoil on those
who send it forth. Though none can hope to pass beyond their
sight, the gods themselves stand unseen as silent witnesses of
man’s lawful handiwork. A moaning world lies in woe all around
them, yet sublime peace is close at hand for all; weary men, tried
by sorrow and torn by doubts, stumble and grope their way
through the darkened streets of life, yet a great light beats down
upon the paving stones before them. Hate will pass from the
world only when man learns to see the faces of his fellows, not
merely by the ordinary light of day, but by the transfiguring
light of their divine possibilities; when he can regard them with
the reverence they deserve as the faces of beings in whose hearts
dwells an element akin to that Power which men name God.
So be it.

Thank you for reading this.