An Inner Perspective on Politics

For the past week I have been harping on about UK politics and politicians and a sense of betrayal in a section of the electorate at least. But perhaps we should look at the way out from our dubious political convictions from a different perspective.

To start with, it would be probably obvious to state that a voter's political opinion is guided by his own material condition. For example, the student might be guided to a vote by the 'promise' of no severe policy on the repayment of his student loan, or the banker who does not want controls placed on his ability to 'earn' as much as he can get.

But what has that approach brought us this time? Stalemate. Surely, what we have obtained is the result of our own selfish ambitions, and our ambitions have proved to be at odds with our neighbour's.

We need to be honest with ourselves and admit that our selfishness is the cause of our misery. Yet, within each one of us is the innocence that we were born with - a simplicity that knows no selfishness and one (if left to its own devices without the influence of adults and the media) would not only bring peace within the UK but would ultimately bring about world peace and stability.

We are brought up trained to accept fear of others as our modus operandi of living. By the time we are teenagers, these days we have lost the ability to trust. 'To trust what?', you ask. The answer is the power of The Almighty. There lies the simple answer to it all, and it would do no harm for each and everyone of us to think and act on that to establish a way of living that in due course (not necessarily without some pain) would extinguish greed and self-interest.

But in speaking of The Almighty, I hasten to add that it is not the God of the Christians I speak ... nor the God of the Muslims, nor the God of any other persuasion  ... but the God of all. There is only one God - La illaha ill'Allah if you wish. That same God is accessible by all, regardless of creed.


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