Monday, 17 May 2010

Expenditure Cuts ... Any Harm?

Cameron has said that £6bn. must be saved from the government's expenditure this year. He says "from wastage". Well, if that is the case, all well and good ... but who is going to judge what is wastage? If it's a case of too much being spent on office luxury in the civil service, well fine - but I feel that this is typical of an old Tory trick to cut expenditures on areas where it can see no benefit for the middle and upper classes. And I use the word "classes" advisedly ... we have moved into another type of class society; we cannot seem to get away from those who "have" and those who "haven't" and - importantly and sadly - a big divide separating them.

The concern is that expenditures provided by the outgoing government were already beginning to bring about the Big Society espoused by Cameron. Volunteer efforts combined with government expertise were beginning to take hold. But will the cuts start to affect those efforts? ... If they do then, again, the electorate will be to blame for putting its own selfishness at the core of their election choice.

The reality is that Gordon Brown - with all his foibles - had a vision of fairness that his previous PM colleague seemed to have forgotten, and Brown's approach was taking effect. What a great pity it took something like 10 years for the Labour Party to accept that Brown should be given a chance, but he was given too little time - and a world recession - to achieve his aims.

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