Will We Get Back To 'Normal'?

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The 'virus' situation has brought about the revelation that there is a huge amount of goodwill in the hearts of the British people, as evidenced in the very large number of volunteers that have stepped forward to help out in the community during this time. And also the specific efforts of individuals such as Captain Tom, which has been remarkable.

However, perhaps there is a need also to reflect. Is this 'virus' situation an isolated matter or should it be looked at as part of a bigger picture?  

The now venerable former Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, has posted a view on the aftermath of the current pandemic, entitled,  'When The Pandemic Is Over, The World Must Come Together'. In this piece, Gorbachev outlines a view that pretty well all of us would subscribe to, I would think. A world of peace and far greater equality is a world that all of us would probably aspire to and I applaud such positivity. My concern, however, is by what means do we accomplish that target? It is all very well for politicians, whether former or present, to postulate such a brave new world, but do we have the wisdom to achieve such a world on a sustainable basis?

There has been quite a lot of comment in the media about whether things will 'get back to normal', so it is a matter of real concern. My answer would be that if the previous way of life was 'normal', then no, we should not be hoping to get back to that, a state of affairs that has brought the so-called civilised world to the very edge of destruction by warfare, depletion of natural resources and pollution (etc), causing extreme damage to the environment and also Climate Change.

James O’Dea, author, states the pandemic opportunity very well:
Many of us sense in the time of this current pandemic a great opportunity: it is as if we have collectively been sent indoors to do our essential human homework, to hit the pause button on our hyper-accelerating lives and reflect on what is really of value. It is to get into our hearts; to discover that being human is a magnificent thing; that each human being is a uniquely formed stream of creativity so perfectly designed to flow into communal rivers of renewal and into a great tidal shift that moves us in the years ahead to declare, “Powered by love? Indeed the whole thing is powered by love: every forest, every lake, every creature, every human, every galaxy is powered by love---by a love as potent and creative as we allow it to be.”
Does this description not resonate as a reminder of our true connection with the Creator, and not with Mammon? This point is key, for it is relatively easy for us to be "powered by love" but at the same time lose our focus as to the direction of our love! Our subservience to Mammon (and to the top 1% so-called elite that control the world's resources) has to be re-directed to the Creator! Only by this re-direction will we find true salvation.

What, in fact, do we interpret by the word "love" in this context? If I were to suggest that it might include giving up the eating of beef, would that horrify you and cause you to argue that my proposition has nothing to do with "love"? Well, if you feel perplexed at my suggestion, please allow me to explain.

The fact is that the great increase in beef production has caused two great effects on the climate:
  1. That rainforests in South America have been severely depleted to make way for cattle.
  2. That cattle exude a considerable amount of methane.
Therefore, by at least vastly reducing our beef consumption (preferably not consuming it at all) we would be performing an act of "love" towards the planet. Such "love" would be a sacrifice on our part - but one that would be of benefit to the world at large. And so it is that many other self-sacrificial acts of "love" are being called for by the developing crises over these past few decades.

Without possibly being conscious of it, we have been hurtling towards Darkness in our indoctrinated determination to own more things and to have a so-called better life for ourselves. It comes across in our notion of "we only live once", our competitiveness, our fixation on gadgets and entertainment of dubious quality, and intake of intoxicants and harmful foods, all of which appears to take up our time when we are not working. The rest of the time seems - for the great majority - to be spent in doing what we are told in what are frequently mindless or over-pressurised work roles. Little or no time is left aside by many towards reflection.

My previous post, on the secret history of the world since the Middle Ages, was really an attempt at reminding ourselves that the two worlds of Darkness and Light are very much present. That, therefore, there is a need to develop our consciousness of Light towards developing what is of truly sustainable and moral benefit to the world - and also, most importantly, to our evolution as a species. 

Mindless work and mindless pastimes equal ...  mindlessness. Period. And we end up by voting for our politicians based on what we think is best for our pocket rather than what is truly the best. Our politicians, in turn, work hard to give us what we've voted for - so we can't really blame them!

I now run the risk of being described as being all kinds of things, but the Truth cannot be hedged. Reality is reality - because we as a species have gone to sleep doesn't mean that we have not been given the capability of waking up. 

When He created the universe, the Creator laid down certain rules and regulations which were intended to be followed by mankind. As a reminder, many great masters and divine souls appeared at different points of time to different parts of the world to guide humanity back onto the right path.

Even then, mankind forgot. Even the Climate Change concern did not really wake us up so, in my view, the pandemic must be treated as a late wake-up call.  

In my recent series of articles on "Ancient Truths", I pointed out that ancient civilisations were destroyed by cataclysms of different kinds. It seems to me we always look for scientific reasons for their destruction, whereas those who understand some truth of deeper spiritual teachings know well that everything occurs by the Will of God: destruction occurs when something has gone wrong with man's thinking. When man begins to think he is separate from God, and thinks and acts accordingly, then man seals his own fate. 

How we live our lives is more important than perhaps we realise. We are the owners of our own actions and science says that there is a reaction for every action. When we do good with good intent, we receive a good result. Conversely, a bad action elicits a bad result.

As part of this situation, we seem to have forgotten the golden rules, “Treat others how you want to be treated” and “Do not do unto others what you do not want to be done to yourself”. "Others" includes all species, not just humans.

We are, in reality, all One. Thus, to that end, our values must - surely - be re-evaluated. No longer must we be so concerned about 'self' and 'our' this and 'our' that. The interests of the whole planet Earth and all its occupants need to be considered by all in the context of our intrinsic relationship with all existence - as One. Only by this route will Gorbachev's aims be properly achieved, and - most important - only by this route will we achieve our true destiny.

There cannot be a "return to normal", no matter what we decide to do.

Thank you for reading this.


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