Friday, 24 May 2019

Saying One Thing And Doing Another: Where Is Integrity?

Dear Reader,

In my previous post I alluded - yet again - for the need for love in this world. A world that is being defoliated and its occupants (both humans and creatures of all kinds) being mercilessly harassed and pursued into horrors that are being suppressed from front-page news in order that the world's rich may carry on their games of taking out what they want and giving back very little.

Amongst those horrors is the news that Botswana has lifted an embargo against wild animal hunting, which means that rapidly decreasing species like elephants and lions are to be relentlessly chased for sport. The question must be "why has Botswana done this?", and the only answer must be because the country has been promised investment if they were to do that.

In May, the BBC indicated that sea level rise could be greater than expected, while in March, it was revealed that BP had Trump's ear and had successfully lobbied the Trump administration to roll back key climate regulations that underpinned the US contribution to the Paris climate agreement. This, despite claiming to support the deal. They say one thing and do another.

Decades ago, while I had already taken to following a belief in green issues, I was still dubious about organisations like Greenpeace, but I now see that unless they had not acted the world would be in a far worse slumber over evil goings-on than it is. Other organisations (like 38 Degrees) now try to reach out to us on similar themes.

But it would seem that we (and all creatures) will have to suffer because we choose to lend a deaf ear to the warnings and continue to play in a world of make-believe that involves mobile phones, playstations and other forms of mind-deadening activity. Also swanning off to remote locations for holidays that are not necessary, burning up huge amounts of aircraft fuel and creating harmful gases. It can be just as beneficial to rest in your own back garden, rain or no rain.

Sorry, but long-distance travel is only desirable if there is something useful to be achieved.

Isn't our attitude because we have been educated away from believing in a Creator of the Universe that created us in order to act as His stewards of this potentially wonderful Earth? I certainly believe that is so.

But the Creator constantly makes efforts to restore human values when they diminish in the world through various ways. One can understand this with an example. In the event of a small residential theft, you report the matter to the police station in your jurisdiction. You do not have to approach the commissioner of police for this small incident. Only if the matter is not resolved you may escalate to the next higher level. So too, God initially sends forth saints and great souls like Jesus Christ to deal with unrighteousness in the world. What did Jesus say? He initially said, ‘I am the messenger of God’ and then as ‘Son of God’ and finally said ‘My father and I are One’. These are the three stages of the great spiritual journey for the individual as proclaimed in the Perennial Philosophy of India, but all religions emphasise or focus on certain principles and therefore it is not only the Way of India that is to be upheld. All religions need to be respected. Including Humanism.

But by no means can we aspire to friendship with God if we allow condemnation of other faiths and this rape of the world to continue. To simply pursue worship while condoning evil is not exactly consistent - is it? We all need to be an example.

Enough is enough. For those that are able, it is time to wake up and seek change - to seek a world of love. I partly woke up over 40 years ago and walked out on a big industrial employer because I knew there was more to life. In doing so I lost the chance to acquire more trappings of a comfortable life. But I do not regret that; I have at least learnt a lot more about matters that are more real.

Thank you for reading this.

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