Perhaps Prince Charles Should Read This?

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Well, nothing seems to be working, does it? Brexit, having failed to happen despite a "Do it or bust" bluster from the P.M., continues to hog the headlines while the huge matter of Climate Change is relegated almost to page 3 material. Worryingly also, is the increasing sense of aggression in the world, locally indicated by the large group of women MPs who now seem keen to stand down because of the violence thrown at them by extremist trolls and others. 

Some are saying that since Brexit came to the fore in 2016 that society has become more polarised and is the main cause of the aggression just mentioned. But I put it more down to the time in the 1980s and after when the "me, me" society was encouraged - and by a woman MP, indeed: the famed Maggie Thatcher. That period under her stewardship is for me worthy of great study, for I feel that is the time when One Nation Politics seriously started to decline, though it was a partly understandable reaction to the Unions and their destructive work in the late 1970s. But Thatcher lacked the statespersonship to equitably deal with it.

Aside from which, the greatness of a nation is measured by the values it holds, and it is now disappointingly clear that there is a substantial number in the country who do not have the time of day for so-called 'Christian Values'. This attitude has progressively been developing since the 1950s and gaining momentum by the 1980s, as mentioned.

How can we begin to call ourselves "civilised" unless we inculcate the recognition of certain Human Values and abide by them? 

Back in the 19th century, many great Christian men and women would have come forth and made themselves heard, but who would stand up today and be heard? The Archbishop of Canterbury is listened to by the people of his persuasion, but few others. Prince Charles (the future head of all faiths in the UK, he says) thinks good things and does good works through the Princes Trust and his Dutchy of Cornwall, but otherwise stands aside from the everyday mayhem.

I say the country needs a strong voice to re-affirm what good Human (if not Christian) Values are and how they need to be applied, but '3 scourges' exist that need serious attention. I, therefore, admit that while the level of homelessness remains as high as it is, while the disabled are harrassed into dark corners, and while foodbanks exist, it will be very difficult to persuade the poorest to listen. And why should they when no-one acts to rectify their plight in the light of these '3 scourges'?

Therefore it comes down to basic action being needed, first and foremost, to tackle those '3 scourges'. A General Election should be what it is - to choose between overall policies - not merely be an attempt to sort out Brexit. My attitude - when I vote - will be to bear the '3 scourges' in mind. Nothing else, bar Climate Change. 

This Is A General Election - Not a Brexit Election

Now I never vote Tory anyway (apart from their inherent 'born to rule' tendency there's a nasty element amongst them), and I regard the Liberals as being divorced from real life as well. As I see it the only other genuine parties that would seriously tackle the '3 scourges' are Labour and the Greens. And since Labour has gone so far left and because the Greens are committed to serious action on Climate Change as well, then my choice is already made. It's a fait accompli as far as I'm concerned.

The sad thing is that, in more conventional times, the Greens would never obtain power. But the people are perhaps gradually beginning to finally see that there's more to politics - and life - than conventional economics and wealth. Politics needs a heart that is more in tune with the Earth as well as people, and the principles of the Green Party are the closest, in my opinion, to reality. That being the case I will give them my vote and regard Caroline Lucas as my prime minister. Bless her - she has more intelligence combined with compassion in her little finger than the brains of any other politician around in my view.

Mmmm... How about Caroline Lucas and Prince Charles to lead this country out of its mess? That combination might be less mad than meets the eye. Are they madder or likely to be less truly effective than those we regard as being the leaders of the main political parties?

Whatever our view on who is the most suitable leader, let's make this General Election what it should be - the choice of a party that has the best principles at heart to manage the affairs of the country in every respect - and not just Brexit. The Brexit matter has developed into an all-pervading nonsense and has taken us away from the most relevant issues.

To see what I am really pointing to I suggest we need to look at the broader picture of what has lately been happening in the world - one that began decades ago, and before that.

A US campaigner on this matter, referring to how it seems the USA is sliding away from important issues such as the Paris Accord On Climate Change, said this week (this is a part quotation):
Perhaps we’ve only taken these steps backwards to get the running start we need to be able to make a leap forward.

We are standing at a “decision point” moment, where the future of humanity hangs in the balance…

And while there’s still the possibility that we could fail and continue in the regressive spiral we seem to be caught in right now, we will instead, as a species, rise into a new awareness of our Oneness, as we collectively and consciously evolve.

But for this to happen, more Conscious Leaders are needed who can help others see the bigger picture and inspire them to live their lives inside the deeper connection we all share to the Source of everything.

This leadership will come from the grassroots of every country in the world, and from you and everyone who stands ready to actively choose that better future our destiny draws us toward.
This statement is in accord with what I envision, and the orator is far from being alone in this challenge. And, as he suggests, and despite the deep underlying anger and aggression that is developing, those that can should awaken to this positive spirit. Without it, we are surely like a rudderless ship inexorably drifting towards chaos.

I really do apologise if it sounds that I've written this article as a piece of political propaganda. It's not, I assure you. It's merely the biggest hint that I can think of to state that we must start looking at the world through different spectacles. The old ways are no longer sustainable and nor do they any longer apply. The new way starts by energising love in our hearts and by trying to put the Earth aright by voting Green on December 12! And also by reducing our carbon footprint and by growing more vegetables in our back garden! Taking those steps is not the complete answer but will help us to move closer to re-discovering meaningful Human Values.

The future of Mother Earth and its tenants is in the hands of all of us.

Thank you for reading this.


  1. Keynote speaker at our Climate Change conference at the Tally Ho, Birmingham on Nov 6, John Firth of globally operating Acclimatise, will call for "systemic change" and a new breed of radical and robust politicians.

    1. I'm certainly glad to hear of any 'noises' about this kind of direction, David, so long as the "new breed" don't think that the answer is purely in technology as some seem to think.


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