Are we Divided? Then Let's Try Unity!

Dear Reader,

For the past several years we seem to have been witnessing the drum beating to the sound of the word "division". Since probably the referendum on Scottish independence, the momentum has been quickly increased to bring about the Brexit referendum, which in turn has brought big "division" within the ranks of Labour and Tory alike.

It rather looks as though we have a UK that is both leader-less and rudder-less. And let's not forget what is happening in the USA, and elsewhere.

But perhaps this situation ought to be telling us something? And that is that though we all like to think we have a right to an individual point of view, the reality is that when the matter is taken to an extreme (as it has become) we don't know what we have left ourselves in for. We certainly did not know what Brexit meant in 2016 in terms of all the ramifications of having to settle an amicable agreement with our erstwhile European partners as well as the 48% (nearly half) of the 2016 voters who chose to remain. In fact it is thought that the number wanting to remain in 2019 is vastly greater and would substantially win another referendum.

So what has brought us this lamentable state of affairs?

For me it is the result of the developments since World War Two, and certainly since the 1960s and then the "me, me" momentum that was given official credence in the 1980s. Developments that have caused us to drift from "one nation" into 60 million individuals, with pockets of opposing agreement. And a definite lack of moral leadership wherever you look, despite those that are working their socks off in their striving for fair play. But, again, those efforts are fragmented.

But I also say (perhaps surprisingly) that it is up to us to individually make the difference by re-examining what it is that we are here for, in this life. Just a 5% swing in attitude can produce quite a different momentum, towards unity, if we would but try. And as I see it the state of the country and of the world right now needs us to try.

If we would take off our blinkers and reject the brainwashing we have all endured, it should not take us long to see that the resources of the world can be shared equally and be sustainably produced if only we could see that we do not need more than an ordinary material level of existence to live reasonably well. But, importantly, to live in such a way that it gives everyone else - and every creature - a chance to share that bounty.

Let's put aside our emphasis on self and blood family, and regard the whole world as members of one greater family. If that can be our unified cause then division will slip away.

We need to do this. And to do it now. That change of perspective will produce dramatic positive results, I am certain. The great masters told us certain things that we failed to understand; now is the time to try to understand them and move away from purely self-interested motivation.

Thank you for reading this.


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