Rushin' Here, Russian There...

Dear Reader,

What mess are we getting ourselves into? Is Mr. Putin really the arch villain that western leaders are trying to portray? Was the Skyrtal affair deliberately stage-managed to create an atmosphere of anti-Russian sentiment, and in preparation for the strike on Syria?

We don't really know (do we?) but I do know that it would be so unlikely that Mr. Putin would order the Skyrtal attack at that time in the Russian leader's programme, with his election and also the football World Cup coming up. And if the Russians had attacked and intended to kill the Skyrtals, I'm sure they would have done it, not done a half-job. 

After the fiasco in the going to war against Iraq and all the assurances given then that WMD was stock-piled (when the inspectors thought it unlikely and wanted to go and check) it seems to act as a precedent in my mind. "Here we go again!", I say to myself.

That Asad is not a nice guy I have not much doubt, but the intrigue against Russia and how it's being managed is worrying to me. 

It could be said that Mr. Putin is cut out of the same cloth as [China's] Xi Jinping. Over the decade and a half that he has ruled Russia not only have no palpable reforms moved forward, but in several cases, there has actually been regression towards central planning-like rules.

But it's okay to criticise when we live in a different culture that did not take to western ways with any sensibility when Communism fell. Having watched Putin closely in various documentaries, my impression is that there's more to him than meets the eye, that he seems to apply what policies are necessary to keep the worst internal dangers under control. 

We in the west have not experienced the kind of history that Russia has had, and neither their extreme weather conditions. And the mentality that such conditions can generate in their thinking. But has Russia posed any threat to the west this last 30 years? No - nor have they looked like doing so.

So, just what is Trump up to? He clearly has made Mrs. May into his European poodle and caused people to take their eye off him while those terrible Russian people were doing what they were doing at Salisbury, UK. Or so they say.

Are we just going to let them make us fools by giving the OK to their slippery ways? Or are we to make known that their ways are more transparent than they think?


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