We Need To Change...

Dear Reader,

The New Year is settling down and is clearly showing us that whatever negative issues existed in 2017 seem to be escalating this year.

I am particularly drawn to the news from Oxfam that the gap between rich and poor seems to be exponentially increasing, We are told that this past year has seen "the fastest rise in the number of billionaires ever recorded", and out of a £7.3 trillion increase in global wealth, £6 trillion went to only 75 million people, while the bottom 3.7 billion people received no benefit (reported in i, January 22, 2018).

But that's just the economic figures. With the advent of Brexit and Donald Trump, we can clearly see that there has been a swing back towards old methods towards generating revenue. Brexit supporters chortled that "Britain can make itself Great again" as it once did, but I wonder if they realise that Britain's separation from Europe is pushing us to develop arms deals with questionable regimes and that without the EU's guiding hand we may well become the 51st state of America and be consuming its cocktail of pharmaceuticals and GM crops. Etcetera, etcetera. But since so many Brits are now glued to TV gun violence imported mainly from that great "friend" of ours, it could be that we're beginning to think that we're American anyway.

I say all this with a great apology to those Americans who really are friends and who stand for what is truly meaningful. But with the relentless tide of subjection and materialism that's generated by the Tory Party in Britain, and an opposition that means well but misses the point, the future may appear to be very dim for those without faith in the Almighty, the one and only Creator of everything we hold dear.

And it's God's creation that is being savaged, with the relentless pursuit of minerals from the earth and the sea, the British-assisted market for ivory and the continuous attack on Muslim countries. The relief charities are being made to work like never before, but as a result of hugely misguided Western policies over many years.

And the sciences that we were beginning to think were inviolable are being torn asunder by the effect of climate change. 800 species of summer plants have now been found to be flourishing in mid-winter, thereby tearing up the books of botany in one fell swoop. Meanwhile, ocean life is drowning in our waste.

Friends, we not only have to think aright, we need to act aright as well. Those that can need to change their lives to contain a new sense of what is really important, not the day-to-day striving after lucre.

Thank you for reading this!


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