Time Waits For No Man, they say

Dear Reader,

"Time marches on" is the common epithet, and even though we are entering a New Year, time is still time, and no New Year celebration changes that! Time is a continuous process, but we like to break it up into manageable chunks, don't we?

But a New Year does give us chance to reflect and think about where we are at and what we might hope for in the New Year. For my part, I can only hope that my life becomes even more simple, and I will try to make it so. In fact, I see simplicity being a major basis for happiness: when we are cluttered with too much - especially when it's not needed - discontent seems to become a bed-fellow. Many of us tend to seek for more to escape the feeling of discontent but we invariably fail miserably to get what we really want - which is peace of mind.

In all sincerity, reflecting on all that's been going on since the start of the Millennium (and before) I feel that we have been manipulated - or massaged - into believing that wars are inevitable, that dictators need to be removed and that economic growth is the panacea for the future of the world. But these policies have clearly not worked. So I ask these serious questions: "Who really benefits from these policies?" and "Do we have a choice?"

Well, the benefits (if any) are surely not felt by around 98% of the world's 6 billion population, and the wars we have entered and are still fighting have caused huge suffering and have left ugly legacies, not benefits. Meanwhile, despite deprivation of many in the non-developed world - and increasingly in the developed world also - we are witness to gross anomalies in how public funds are spent - particularly in the CERN collider project. If you do not know what I am alluding to I invite you to do some research on the subject - it's quite incredible to find how so much has been done and spent under our very noses that we would reject, I am sure, if we were to vote on it. We have preferred instead to concentrate our attention on issues like Brexit and Trump versus Clinton. And sport and the latest fashions.

On the question of whether we have a choice, the big stand we can make is just not to go with what we're told to go with. Perhaps instead we should use more common sense and realise that the World can only take so much, including economic growth, which has surely reached its limit.

The World wants and needs peace, does it not? Well, I feel that we seem to be getting further away from peace, not getting closer to it. We surely need to change the tide by reversing the process. We can do this by saying "no more!" and personally acting upon that determination for the sake of a better, peaceful and sustainable, future. There is a better way and it is achieved by a notion of the common good: independence of thought is needed, yes, but that should not mean the break up within nations and of nations, which is currently the popular theme. Instead, perhaps the common man should unite one with another around the World in Common Purpose and True Spirit of no harm, as demonstrated by Gandhi, the 70th anniversary of whose death we are to remember and contemplate on in one year's time. 

I wish you well and, sincerely, a very Happy New Year.


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