Thursday, 23 June 2016

The EU Exit Post-Mortem

Dear Reader,

Today is one of the saddest days in my life, feeling that I'm going through another divorce.

But I feel as though it's unfinished business. I don't see how 48+% of the UK population can be regarded as defeated (whichever way it had gone), and it raises the spectre of identity issues in Scotland and even Ireland, where the border issue comes up once more. And the impact on trade and relationships with the Republic of Ireland.

What will it mean for our farmers, I wonder?

Added to that it appears that much of the North-East vote (for Exit) was more of a protest vote against politicians than anything to do with the EU. But will the political parties listen to that protest?

It's a totally unsatisfactory situation we're now in i.m.o., and I fear it's all going to get worse as the world is not what it was when we were last "on our own" over 40 years ago.

And what I think many people have overlooked - or don't wish to consider - is that the EU popularity is as fragile in Germany and France and other EU countries. I can see Europe breaking up, and the consequences will just add to the chaos.

Not saying the EU has been a wonderful experience: there clearly have been many aspects of it to grumble about. But we could all have made it into something bigger and better if we were to have thought more deeply.

For me, a sad, sad, day.

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