How Many U-Turns Can U Do?

Dear Reader,

Well, there is clearly now a world of flux: our UK government is back-tracking on a number of its policies, the media's expectation of Donald Trump losing his way seems now not to be well grounded, and the supporters of Brexit may well have lost sight of the fact that the London Stock Exchange seems about to become under German control.

To add to all that, we now have a Muslim who is Mayor of London, representing the Labour Party and again showing that the Media's anti-Corbyn agitations really do not work, forcing them to switch instead to highlight that Labour did not do well in Scotland. The fact they've not been doing well there for a few years since the SNP machine took hold appears to be neither here nor there as far as the Media is concerned.

Who pays these Media people?

Anyhow, while the spotlight this week has been on the various local elections (of dubious importance) the Tories have backtracked and u-turned in so many areas it's almost impossible to keep count. This is a list of the ones I can think of:

  1. Cameron's decision to do something for the 3,000 Calais children after all, despite his earlier protestations;
  2. Jeremy Hunt is to quietly have further talks with the BMA about week-end working in an attempt to de-rail the doctors' strikes;
  3. The Government have discarded the attempt to make all schools academy schools, after trumpeting it as a major policy matter to be implemented by 2020. This had been announced when the budget was presented by Osborne but had since been much opposed.
Further, in the light that Cameron has told a Parliamentary Committee that he is unable to provide time to be questioned on military matters concerning Libya, I expect him to have to re-consider that decision.

In short, the UK government seems to think that finance and political expediency is enough to graft all kinds of policies into their timetable. The British public, thankfully, have begun to grasp their methods and are fighting back and the issues concerning the disabled and their financial support is one big hurdle still to be overcome.

Obama's TTIP (the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) is another matter that needs bringing to the public's attention. France is not happy with it, and I would suggest that neither should we.

Decency has to be restored to our way of life before business-think takes over.

Thank you for reading this.


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