Thursday, 26 November 2015

Smoke and Mirrors - Everywhere!

Dear Reader,

The downing of the Russian military aircraft by Turkey seems to have the word 'skulduggery' written all over it. Not only was the action incrompehensible but just earlier Obama was muttering something about the difficulty of Russia attacking targets that were not just Daesh/ISIS but any opponent of Assad. Then - very coincidentally - the Russian aircraft was shot down after making a raid on a non-Daesh/ISIS site. 

The question then to be asked is whether the US put pressure on Turkey to make the attack to put pressure on Russia. Whatever the cause for the action, Daesh/ISIS must be laughing their socks off when so-called allies are shooting down their own planes.

Meanwhile, David Cameron's heir-apparent (Osborne) performed his own conjuring tricks in suddenly finding £27bn from which he claimed he could plan differently and not change the Tax Credit system. He hailed the government as being the One Nation party but forgot to say that the lower income earners will still get hit when the move to the Universal Credit system takes place within the next 2 years.

This chancellor is without any sustainable ideas for Britain's future. He ...

  1. ... is banking on the £27bn coming available, whereas there's a 50% chance that the state of the world economy might not make it feasible over the next couple of years - if not a shortfall of all of it, at least a large shortfall;
  2. ... is now allowing local authorities to raise additional income from council tax to pay for the growing needs of social care. Problem is, that's fine for the richer local authorities, but not for those who already have big difficulties in collecting the tax;
  3. ... is not providing for the development of much-needed social housing;
  4. ... has not addressed the fact that the teaching profession has such a resignation rate that it is not at all clear as to where suitable teachers will be coming from to make up the numbers;
  5. ... has not said how the NHS is to cope if the forthcoming junior doctors' strikes do not produce a viable response to their claims, and when they also start leaving in droves.
etc., etc.

The government are just hoping that their luck continues. They have nothing else to rely on, it would seem.

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