Sunday, 4 October 2015

To Arm or Not To Arm; That Is The Smoking Gun

The West still tries to portray itself as being the Good Guys, while the Baddies are countries like Russia and Iran. But the countries that continue to provide arms to many (not one) dubious regimes are the USA, Britain and France. And it's the USA and Britain that have been the hawks over the last dozen years in their insistence on use of arms in preference to diplomacy. Russia, therefore, can legitimately scoff - but not that I support their support of Assad.

So it comes as no surprise to learn this week that the British Foreign Office has decided that Human Rights issues are no longer high on their list of consideration, in favour of trade. Er, the arms trade.

This in the midst of plentiful advice being offered to the British government that a perpetuation of militant solutions instead of diplomacy is counter-productive. That a display of arms does little more than stir up more resentment - and more "terrorists".

The Lord Jesus and other great spiritual beings advised that the solution to evil is to turn the other cheek. It is difficult to apply that advice ... very difficult. But when it comes to the arms trade, we need to be more circumspect as there is (in practice) little hope of a peaceful solution going down that route.

I hear much use of the word  "deterrent" when applied to arms - particularly nuclear arms. But weapons such as Trident would be of no value in the wars we have come to know in the last few years. Even if democracy rules that Trident should remain, surely it must be scaled back?

On this topic, I must mention that David Cameron has accused Jeremy Corbyn of being a danger to our national security in his stance on Trident, but it should be noted that it is Cameron that has presided in the greatest threat to our security to date by taking away any usable aircraft carriers! We currently have no ocean-based airforce facility to be used in more conventional warfare. Who, therefore, is calling the kettle black?

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