Disturbing Events ... But Are We Awake Enough To Care?

In February last we heard of the death of Dr. Rauni Kilde: http://whitetv.se/mind-control-mk-ultra/1149.html

You may not have heard of her but she was a remarkable medical woman who went a long way to prove that there have been disturbing scientific and technological developments taking place in the world. She was also a profound spiritual philosopher. Her several videos can be see on Youtube and in my opinion are worth viewing.

I'm sure us English will also remember Dr David Kelly, who was found dead in most peculiar circumstances a few years ago and whose matter has been quiet.

And now a Cambridge professor claims that three scientists investigating melting Arctic ice may have been assassinated: See http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/earth/environment/globalwarming/11762680/Three-scientists-investigating-melting-Arctic-ice-may-have-been-assassinated-professor-claims.html

No, this latest assertion is by no means proven, but how do three scientists working on the same project all die within a relatively short period ... and are not even elderly?

Yes, I'm all too aware that there is a chance of coincidence here and that I can be accused of panic-stirring, but these cases are not the only ones where big questions have been raised. What about the killings of JFK and Martin Luther King - do we really know what happened there? And I really do wonder about the unexpected deaths of two great thinkers and politicians in the English Labour movement - John Smith and Robin Cook - in the last 20+ years.* Their deaths (and the natural death of Tony Benn) have removed any great thinkers from the socialist movement, and so we are left with a Labour Party that is about to be led by a relatively intellectual pygmy.

And there are the relatively recent events concerning the Malaysian Airlines flights MH370 and MH17,  events that would appear to possess some very strange characteristics.

There are far more 'conspiracy' issues we could talk about than I've listed here, and they are well documented on the internet.

Perhaps we'll soon find out how to draw lines between the dots.

* I subsequently recalled Bob Crow, leader of the RMT union, who unexpectedly died in 2014. Though not a person I would follow, he galvanised his union and was a very strong leader. He knew his subject well.


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