Friday, 1 May 2015

Vote Labour And We're Doomed

No, that's not my headline but that of Mark Steel, columnist of the year, in the i newspaper.

He was in reality pointing to inferences by the Tory-leader-elect, Boris Johnson, who stated that Labour's policies to stop landlords raising rents "would destroy a city [London] faster than a bomb".

It's interesting (Steel points out) that New York have already successfully introduced the measures put forward by Labour. But then, Johnson lives on another planet.

Further, in response to Labour's plans to build new housing on disused land, Johnson referred to it as: "Miliband, the land-grabber's Stalinist plan".

Such hysteria being raised by Tories and 50 years ago, in the days of One Nation politics, they would have been shouted down. Today too many people have forgotten their spiritual instincts and vote for what suits their pocket, scared stiff that those nasty socialists will take away the possibility of a happy life.

But those people who are at the bottom end of the social economic scale (and it's possible all of us could be there some day!) have a perilous life. Not only have they been disproportionately affected by the government's cuts over the last 5 years but some have felt the pressure so much that they have committed suicide.

Cameron, when questioned last night on TV as to why such extreme welfare cuts instigated some suicides, glossed over it in such a way as to say “of course you expect the Christians to be killed when you put them with lions in the ampitheatre”. A surreal gloss over by Cameron. And they want to find another 12bn of cuts! Well, the lions are going to have a rich meal by the sound of it…

Of the three leaders questioned by the audience on TV last night, only Miliband paid any reference at all to the 'green' issues, and was just about to tell us how Labour would back 'green' technology (probably one of the most important issues) when chairman Dimbleby interrupted and said we didn't want to talk about that but the question of the EU - an almost irrelevant issue by comparison.

Miliband showed his credentials I thought when he effectively said that under no circumstances would he strike a deal with the SNP if Labour were to gain a non-overall-majority. He said that Labour would forfeit their right to government rather than work with the SNP.

Well, I admire Miliband in many ways, but my conscience lies with the Greens. No, they won't win, but their overall policies are the closest to reality in my humble opinion.

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