Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The Passing of a Notable Prime Minister

The upshot of Maggie's era (having misquoted St. Francis' prayer to start off the process!) is to leave us with professional politicians whose leaders have hardly ever experienced another line of work and an attitude that has left behind those days when at least there was a semblance of genuine experience in public life. And the morals of business - which were always suspect - have been let loose big style.

And - yes - Tony Blair capitalised on the era he inherited.

It's not to say that everyone's 'at it', but what has been uncovered these last few years makes us realise that the era in which us oldies were brought up (for me the late 40s and the 50s) was the best era in terms of decency, when a TV with 2 b & w channels and 2 weeks' holiday was perfectly all right thanks. And also when most of us ate decent wholesome food.

No, of course the society of the 50s couldn't stay where it was, but our leaders (in politics and of trades unions) of the 1960s and 1970s just didn't have the wisdom to know how to deal with the wave of social and economic issues that were by then developing, and it had to be left to a woman to sort something out - the men got bogged down! Well, sort it out she mostly did ... and we all have to be blamed for the manner in which she acted, creating the framework for today's debacle.

The real political answer to the country's needs is via the middle ground. But I couldn't trust the Liberals to fry an egg. When it comes down to it, the answer really lies with ourselves - individually. If we were to make a better effort at being really responsible for ourselves and behave in accord with the teachings of Jesus and all the great spiritual masters, then the world might just change for the better. That idea smacks of idealism - but what's a real alternative?

So - in a nutshell - no form of politics is anywhere near ideal. And democracy is showing its weakness. I suppose that Maggie thought she was doing the best for the country, and for her honesty and integrity I respect her and mourn her parting.

At least she had guts.

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