Saturday, 1 August 2015

Well, we do drive on the left, so why not follow that lane?

It has only recently occurred to me (yes, I’m dim) that for some 18 years there has just been a notion that being returned to political power is the be-all-and-end-all. The fact that the Liberals admitted it after GE2015 woke me up to that fact, and now the Labour leadership contestants (bar Corbyn) are stating “we won’t get back into power unless we take x number of Tory voters with us”.
As Michael Meacher, MP puts it (link here):
...the Blairites think their clinching argument is that if the Party moves away from their chosen course – or as the obsessive and delusional Blair himself has said: “a millimetre from my path” – Labour will lose. 
Only Corbyn has the integrity to say “we must base our values on those that the Labour Party has traditionally stood for”. How true: he must have read the book “Roots of Labour”.
It is not to do with "the Party going Left" but it is to do with applying commonsense and recognition of the needs of everyone, especially the hard-working and disabled who are worst off - as the SNP Party has demonstrated.
I can see a Labour Party split taking place, but maybe that is for the better. However, I just hope that Corbyn’s Party merges with the Green Party to work towards a sustainable, meaningful and fair economy - for that (with compassion and a deep regard for human values) is the future. The world is changing in a way that we never thought was possible even 10 years ago - and various conditions begin to remind me of Biblical prophesy - but the political right can't see it. And even if they did they would probably think that theirs is the only way.
So, while Jeremy Corbyn is maybe not the best potential leader for the Labour Party, at least he has the guts and the vision to remind us of matters that really do matter. And he is the best (in my opinion) of the bunch that are competing for the Labour leadership.

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